Creative Edge Center


Summer Acting Classes

Our Theater summer course is an introduction to the theater world and acting. Students will learn the fundamentals of theater terminology, working together as an ensemble, and character development through games and theater exercises. Course work will include improvisation, observation, listening and reacting, concentration, voice, and physical movement. This class will lay the groundwork for the novice actor for our full year course which delves deeper into the course work and fine tunes their skills. This course is for those students who aren't sure if they want to be part of a large production,  but want to grow their confidence and try something new!

WEDNESDAY 5:00pm - 6:00pm

WEDNESDAY 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Kindergarden - 4th grade
5th grade - 12th grade
All Classes are subject to availability based on enrollment.


  1. Dance/Movement For the Actors

    An introduction class for those performers who maybe aren’t ready for dance classes yet or define themselves as movers. We will go through all styles of dance to provide familiarity with vocabulary and technique. The First half of the year will be broken into quarters where we will learn the basics of ballet and jazz, the second half of the year will be broken into musical theater dance and tap. No showcase material required, just a technique class.  Very recommended for kids who want to audition for productions.


  2. Musical Theater

    Voice and Acting (Advanced)

    This class is designed for students in 7th & up who have at least 2 years experience. Students are assigned songs; solos, duet, or small group. They are responsible for learning the songs independently after being assigned. The first hour of class students will work with Miss Smith on vocals. They will get a chance to run through their songs with short feedback from her. The second hour students will work with Miss Mary on building scenes with props furniture, and also adding in the lines that precede to the music.  Miss Smith and Mary are there to guide and allow the students to create their own worlds for the pieces to take form. Students should start with scenes to become comfortable acting in a musical setting relying on reaction and interaction with their partner. They will then move on to solos that can also help build their rep book. If students would like to take this class they should also be taking voice lessons and acting classes separately- this class is not a voice lesson or acting class it is closer to a performance class where they build upon the their skills.


  3. Acting Studio

    1 hour  Intermediate to Advanced

    This class will be technique based class for students with 2 or more years experience in Acting. Students will learn monologues, how to build a resume, scene work, expanding their acting vocabulary (objective, tactics, specific ideal outcome, endowment, etc.) First half of the year students should have 2 monologues perfected each of a contrasting tone and a short scene. Written character analysis assignments will be added for monologues and scenes. The second half of the year we will work a small one act play, black box style.
    Notebook and Folder required.


  4. Introduction To Theater

    This course is an introduction to acting technique for the stage with a main focus on creativity and characterization. Students will work on short scenes work as well as theater basics. Course work includes exercises with improvisation, observation and awareness, relaxation, the senses, voice, and physical movement. The first half of the year students will make up, write and perform their own monologues in an informal showing. For the second half students will work as a group to interpret a story book and create a play for our end of year showcase. This class is for learning to work as an ensemble as well as how theatre works as a whole. This class is for students with less than 2 years experience in theater.
    Notebook and Folder required.



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