Creative Edge Center


We will have musical training to  support our Musical Theater Program as well as private lessons. Individual practice spaces availale to students of CECA.

Private lessons available on Saturdays 10-5pm.
Please contact the Center for available times.

What are vocals at Creative Edge Center for the Arts?



30 min 


5:30 - 6:30 Music Class K-2nd
6:30 - 7:30 Show Choir 3rd-6th
Individual lessons. One-on-one instruction with a professional vocal coach. Private studio atmosphere.
(Warm-up and exercise)

Please contact us with all intrests in private music lessons


5:00 - 6:00 Masterclass 7th and up
6:30 - 7:30 Show Choir 3rd-6th
7:00 - 8:30 Musical Theater 7th and up.

45 min 

Individual lessons. One-on-one instruction with a professional vocal coach. Private studio atmosphere. (Warm-up, Excerise and song feed back.)

8 Week Session  
 October 13th-December 8th.  
*No Class November 24th

9am - 10am Tiny Tots Music Class
                                       (Parent/child class for 1-4yrs old )

60 min 

Individual lessons. One-on-one instruction with a professional vocal coach. Private studio atmosphere. ( Warm-up, exercise, and full song lesson)
  1. Show Choir Class (Grades 3-6)- 1 hour

    Has your Elementary or Middle Schooler already been bitten by the theatre bug? Do they love to sing and dance? Then this is the perfect introductory class for any of these young students interested in musical theatre. Students will work on different songs and medleys from several different genres of music including pop, Disney, classic rock, and even Broadway favorites. There will be solo opportunities, but more importantly students will learn the importance of singing in a choir setting by having to blend and hold harmony, sing with proper breath support and technique, learn how to read music, and work as a team with your fellow choir members as you sing and dance at the same time. Along with learning to read music, students will learn other basic music theory as well as help arrange a song for the choir to perform together. This class is sure to not only help build your child’s confidence as a singer and performer but give them a taste of being in a musical production before they join our main stage full scale productions!
  2. Vocal Performance & Audition Prep Masterclass (Grades 7-12    

    Have a performance coming up that you would like a little extra help with? Auditioning for a show and you’re lost for how to pick a song or make an appropriate cut for the audition? This is the perfect class for the more disciplined singer and performer. Students will learn how to pick appropriate repertoire for their voice, what to have prepared when auditioning for a show, and how to take your performance to the next level to give you a leg up on the competition and audition or perform with confidence. This class will require students to do work outside of class in preparation for each week’s new assignment.    

  3. Music Class (Grades K-2)- 1 hour

    For the little music maker in your family, don’t miss this fun new introductory music class! Students will have the opportunities to learn some basic music theory, including reading staffs and keys, be immersed in music history about different instruments, composers, and musical genres, and be able to create music not only by singing, but with their bodies and rhythmic instruments. This class will include learning fun new songs as well as singing some old favorites, playing lots of great music games, and will help not only expand your child’s musical knowledge, but confidence as a young musician in an exciting, but relaxed environment!